BlackBerry® 10 Hackathon

Terms and Conditions

  • Any CampJS participant is free to enter the BlackBerry® 10 hackathon/competition.
  • Competition Entries must be "BlackBerry 10 Apps", running on the BlackBerry 10 OS or "Open Source Tools or Libraries for the BlackBerry10 developer community".
  • Entries may be started prior to commencement of CampJS.
  • To be eligible, App entries must comply with the BlackBerry App World™ Vendor Guidelines
  • App entries must be submitted to BlackBerry® World™, BlackBerry’s app store, and be presented to a panel of judges during CampJS.
  • Open Source Tools must be available under MIT or similarly permissive licence that enables commercial use on GitHub, and a link to the entry must be added to a wiki on the BlackBerry Github page. Details of where to submit links to be available at the camp.
  • Competition Entries must be submitted before judging starts.
  • Near the end of the camp, a panel chosen by BlackBerry will cast judgement upon the entries.
  • Some entries will win prizes, at the panel's discretion.
  • You own your own code and any assets you make.
  • Don't break any laws.